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ICAP 2016

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Participants from around the world joined ICAP 2016 and presented their research findings under several sub categories such as Mental Health & Wellbeing, Sports & Health Psychology, Business & Organizational Psychology, Child & Adolescent Development, and Education & Training.

Variation of stress level among science undergraduates: A case of University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Abeygunawardana, R. A. B. and Silva, G. B. P.

Rushan A. B. Abeygunawardena

(Senior Lecturer, Department of Statistics, Faculty of Science
University of Colombo, Sri Lanka)

Occupational stressors among traffic police constables in Bengaluru city, India: A qualitative exploration.
Abirami, S. R.

Shruthi R. Abirami

(Post-graduate Student
Jain University, India)

Estimating CSEM and reliability for scale scores for tests with mixed item formats.
Almehrizi, R. S.

Rashid S. Almehrizi

(Associate Professor, Head of Psychology department
Sultan Qaboos University, Oman)

Regrets I’ve had a few: Dealing with career setbacks.
Carson, J.

Jerome Carson

(Professor of Psychology
University of Bolton, UK)

Avoidance in family creates poor mental health in children.
Chavan, S. B. and Kamble, V.

Srikanth B. Chavan

(Associate Professor
Babasahed Chitale Mahavidyalaya, India)

A quasi experimental study to assess the effectiveness of expressive emotional writing on perceived stress and general well-being among the nursing students of a tertiary care hospital of North India.
Das, K., Kaman, L. and Sharma, N.

Karobi Das

(Lecturer, Clinical Psychology
Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research – India)

The impression of competence.
Nasher, J.

Jack Nasher

(Professor of Organization and Management
Munich Business School, Germany)

Spirituality and Personality among Swadhyayee and Non-Swadhyaee.

Nanadana Priya Kamasani

(Postgraduate Student
Jain University, India)

Developing GRIT in students: Positive education and wellbeing at university.
Kannangara, C., Carson, J. and McIntosh, E.

Chathurika Kannangara

University of Bolton, UK)

Decision making styles, locus of control and domain specific hope between physically challenged and non-physically challenged employees in India.
Roy, P.

Pallavi Roy

(Postgraduate Student
Jain University, India)

Mediating effect of primary coping strategies in the relationship between big five factors and psychological distress.
Samarathunge, J. D.

Jayamini Samaratunge

(Chairperson cum Principal Trainer & Consultant
Mind Designs International (Pvt) Ltd.. Sri Lanka)

Issues and challenges in managing the psychology programme Via ODL.
Siew, W. H.

Wong Huey Siew

(Senior Lecturer
Open University, Malaysia)

Home, emotional and social adjustment are the predictors of neurotic tendencies among elderly people.
Jadhav, S., Kumaje, L. and Kadam, B. B.

Satappa Jadhav

(Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Jain University, India)

Integration of the Buddhist Concept of Mindfulness (BCM) into counselling: Experiences of counsellors.
Jayatilake, P.

Prasanna Jayatilake

(Director – Counselling
Global Minds (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka)

Effect of narrative therapy in conjunction with reinforcement and play based techniques: To deal with a specific phobia.
Nahida, A.

Aminath Nahida

Institute for well-being, Maldives)

Public grievances: Patient’s feedback to the health care system in a premier hospital of North India.
Wadwalkar, M., Malhotra, S., Koushal, V.

Manju Wadwalkar

(Public Relations Officer & Official Spokesperson
PGIMER, Chandigar, India)

Cultural diversity in Buddhist coping resources among Indo-Thai Buddhist students.
Kamble, V.

Vikas Kamble

(Associate Professor
Smt.Kasturbai Walchand College (Arts- Science), India)

Impact of traumatic brain injury on intelligence, memory and perceptuomotor functions: An exploratory study from a tertiary care hospital in North India.
Mohanty, M., Chhabra, R., Sodhi, H. and Sharma, A.

Manju Mohanty

(Associate Professor
PGIMER, India)

Public perception and attitudes about mental illness in Maldives.
Shanoora, A. and Ismail, I.

Aishath Shanoora

Maldives National University, Maldives)

Learning problems: Crucial issues in the label.
Kohli, A.

Adarsh Kohli

PGIMER, India)

Investigating the relationship between trait ¬guilt and dissociation in the general population.
Koreshi, S. Y., Atapattu, M. S. and Perera, D.

Methma Atapattu

Colombo Institute of Research and Psychology, Sri Lanka)

Investigating the relationship between morality and guilt.
Koreshi, S. Y., Wijetunge, C. L. and Perera, D.

Chiara Wijetunge

Colombo Institute of Research and Psychology, Sri Lanka)