ICAP 2016 Conference


Both international and local participants of ICAP 2016 had several comments regarding the third consecutive International Conference on Applied Psychology.

“It was a real pleasure to be back at ICAP. This is my second year here. I hope to come back again next year because it’s an excellent conference and brings people together, not just from South Asia but also from Australia and Europe. It’s a great event to be part of”.

Professor Jerome Carson

Professor of Psychology
University of Bolton, UK

“The major difference (between other psychology conferences and ICAP 2016) is that people here are very passionate about psychology. They have a lot of motivation to learn from each other, to exchange ideas and there are some very new topics and strategies in doing psychology in this conference that I cannot find in other conferences…”

Prof. Ho Mun Yin Samuel

Professor of Psychology
City University of Hong Kong

“It’s an honor to be here. I’m really happy to be here, particularly to cement the relationship between my university and CIRP as a key partner. My key motivation is to look at how we teach, how people are learning, how the learning landscape is changing and for us to think about our practice. And for the institute and Coventry University to work together where we can be world leaders in the way we teach psychology…”

Mark Holton

Director of Organisation Development
Coventry University, UK

“I was motivated to come because it’s a different world for me…To be able to interact with researchers from different parts of the world, it’s really interesting. The difference (between other psychology conferences and ICAP) is that you can actually see all the workshops. They’re not five breakout sessions, so you don’t miss anything. ”

Jack Nasher

Professor of Organization and Management
Munich Business School, Germany

“It’s always refreshing to be part of ICAP. It’s very interesting to listen to very enthusiastic discussions, very much relevant to psychology in Sri Lanka…”

Dr. Shavindra Dias

Head of the Department of Psychiatry
University of Peradeniya

ICAP 2016


“The workshop was filled with lots of activity. It was meaningful and it helped me to reconnect with my positive aspects more and have hope for the future. Lot of content, theory as well as practical content…”

Jayamini Samaratunge

Chairperson cum Principal Trainer & Consultant
Mind Designs International (Pvt) Ltd.. Sri Lanka

“…it was very interactive. There were lots of stories about people who underwent certain mental issues like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression, and how they overcame obstacles…”

Tharaka Ranchigoda

Student of Psychology
Colombo Institute of Research and Psychology

Alifiya: “…it was very motivating as students of child psychology. It focused a lot on positive psychology which encouraged me to pursue that further”

Nuska Haleem: “It also brought an interest in me to study child psychology. This workshop was very helpful and motivating”

Aifiya Idris and Nuska Haleem

Students of Psychology
Colombo Institute of Research and Psychology

“…In this workshop, what I learned was that there are so many methods you can use to teach, interact with students and get their opinions about it, and how to develop their knowledge in research…”

Dananjaya Hettiarachchi

Lecturer of Psychology
Colombo Institute of Research and Psychology

“The workshop will be very useful as I’m a student now and I will be going into the field later on. I’m gaining a lot of new information that I haven’t learned. I hope to use them in the future…”

 Student of Psychology