ICAP 2014


Both international and local participants of ICAP 2014 had several comments regarding the inaugural International Conference on Applied Psychology.

“This is my 5th visit to Sri Lanka and as always I very much enjoy the country and your people. I’m delighted that the conference is going so well. It’s really important for psychologists to come together not just in Sri Lanka but in South East Asia. It’s a great opportunity, I think for applied psychology throughout the region. So a good start!”

Prof. Graham Turpin

Professor of Psychology
University of Sheffield, UK

“It’s been a really great thrill for me to come here to Sri Lanka which is my first visit to this beautiful Island and it’s wonderful to see that Sri Lanka after the difficult times is on the way up and everybody here is so friendly and helpful. And it’s been a wonderfully organized conference. We have been looked after brilliantly, beautiful food and hospitality…”

Prof. Peter C. Terry

Professor of Psychology, Division of Research and Innovation,
University of southern Queensland Australia

“This conference has been stimulating and it’s been great to meet and network with others from all over the world… I look forward to continuing to come to Sri Lanka, a place I’ve learnt to love very much…”

Prof. Lyn Karstardt

Executive Dean of Health Engineering and Sciences,
University of Southern Queensland, Australia

“The conference organizers had produced a fantastic, wonderful conference and I commend this conference to anyone who might be interested in visiting Sri Lanka in the future…”

Prof. Tony Machin

Professor of Psychology,
University of Southern Queensland, Australia

“The conference was absolutely a wonderful experience for not just me but my entire team who have come here. And one thing that we have a good take away is the commonalities of experiences and challenges that we have in India which is very similar to what Sri Lanka has…”

Dr. Shailaja Shastri

Professor, Department of Psychology,
Jain University, India

“From the students till the top management, everybody is so concerned and very approachable and wonderful hospitality is given to everyone here… mind blowing diversity in the topics of this conference. It is really a wonderful take away for each and every one who is attending this conference…”

Dr. C. Gnanaprakash

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology,
Jain University, India

“It attracted me a lot to develop my career. So a chance for me to share my finding of my research and change the idea between all the scholars around the world in this program. So I really enjoy being here, joining the program and being in Sri Lanka is amazing…”

Mr. M. Najmi Daud

PhD Student, School of Psychology,
Massey University, New Zealand

“What really stood out from the entire conference is, you know, the gentleness with which the volunteers spoke to us, guided us. And secondly I’m extremely happy about the interaction I had with fellow participants. Overall I would say fantastic effort…”

Ms. Ashwini N. V.

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology,
Jain University, India

“This conference has taken a very neat initiative of how best psychology could be applied in many different settings… it is a honor for me to interact with people from my field, extremely happy with hospitality ICAP 2014 Sri Lanka has given me… a beautiful place, beautiful people and ICAP 2014 is, a very, very nice initiative…”

Ms. Mridhu Sharma

Department of Psychology,
Jain University, India

“It’s a wonderful effort of people coming from various spheres of the world and talking about how psychology is in their part of the world and very importantly listening and providing answers to each other’s questions… I’m looking forward to it next year as well…”

Ms. Soumya Puttaraju

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology,
Jain University, India

“When you have psychology brought into the game, brought into the team you obviously can see a difference and people thinking out of the box is something that I’m fascinated seeing. Conferences like this, if you can take something back to where you work, in case where I work, which is the National Cricket Team I’m sure it’ll help our players to perform even better…”

Mr. Marvan Atapattu

Head Coach of Sri Lanka National Cricket Team & Former Sri Lankan Cricket Captain

“I’m very proud to attend and be part of this prestigious event probably organized for the first time in Sri Lanka. And in sports administration we have identified the importance of sports psychology aspect. And I’m sure this will take the sports in Sri Lanka a long way and get us to win some medals in the future games.”

Rear Admiral Shemal Fernando

Sri Lanka Navy

“I wish to pay a tribute to Dr. Darshan and the team who put this conference together… overall I’m very glad that somebody is taking the leadership to enhance the knowledge and to take out the myths of psychology in this country and I think this is a profession that should grow to the benefit of this country…”

Mr. Suresh Ratnasinghe

Post Graduate Student of Business Psychology